FPAW Annual 2001 - New Orleans

FPAW Annual 2001 - New Orleans

8:30 Welcome to NBAA (Jack Olcott)

8:35 Overview of Meeting (Bruce Carmichael)

8:45 Segment One - Progress in Weather Observations 8:45Information Provider Panel (Ken Leonard - Leader)
9:15 User Panel

10:00 Segment Two - Progress in Data Assimilation and Modeling
10:00 Information Provider Panel (Bob Kistler, Tom Schlatter - Co-leads)
10:30 User Panel

11:00 Segment Three - Progress in Product Generation
11:00 Information Provider Panel (Jack May - Leader)
11:45 User Panel

1:30 Segment Four - Progress in Ground-based Dissemination/Display
1:30 Information Provider Panel (Bill Peacock - Leader)
2:00 User Panel

2:30 Segment Five - Progress in Cockpit-based Dissemination/Display
2:30 Information Provider Panel (Konstantinos Martzaklis - Leader)
3:00 User Panel

3:45 Segment Six - Progress in Streamlining New Product Introduction
3:45 Information Provider Panel (Steve Brown - Leader)
4:15 User Panel

4:45 General Group Discussion

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Information Provider Panels

(presentations are available by clicking on the panel member name)

  1. Weather Observations -Ken Leonard, Leader
    Other members -Taumi Daniels (+icing update),JoAnn Ford,John McCarthy, Mark Weber
  2. Data Assimilation and Modeling -Bob Kistler, Tom Schlatter- Co-leads
  3. Product Generation - Jack May, Leader
    Other members - Fred Foss, Jennifer Mahoney, Dave Pace, David Ruth, Bob Sharman, Greg Stumpf
  4. Ground-based Product Dissemination/Display - Bill Peacock, Leader
    Other members -Maria Pirone, Lynn Sherretz, Don Stadtler, David Rodenhuis
  5. Cockpit-based Product Dissemination/Display - Konstantinos Martzaklis, Leader
    Other members - Hooper Harris, Dan Leger, Tenny Lindholm, Walter Pike
  6. Streamlining New Product Introduction - Steve Brown, Leader - 
    Other members -Mark Andrews, Sam Williamson, Rick Heuwinkel, Bob Wright
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User Panels - Paul Fiduccia to Facilitate

NBAA (Air Traffic) - Tom Carney
AOPA - Heidi Williams
ASF - Bruce Landsberg
SAMA - Paul Fiduccia
ATA - Russ Gold
ALPA - Bill Phaneuf
NWS Union - Paul Greaves
NATCA - Matthew Tucker
NAATS - Walter Pike
NTSB - Don Eick
Delta/ALPA - Bob Massey
Delta - Joseph Luisi
Northwest/ADF - Giles O' Keefe
American/ADF - James Jansen
FedEx/ATA - Pete Woveris
Comair - Capt. C. J. Hyde
United - Brian Haynes
Northwest - Tom Fahey
Southwest - Rick Curtis
JetBlue Airways - John Shanahan

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