CDM WET Survey

Hello, fellow aviation weather enthusiasts!

The joint FAA/Industry Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) Weather Evaluation Team (WET), through their Task #106, has been asked to gain a better understanding of how the Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Convective Forecast (TCF) product (the successor to the Collaborative Convective Forecast Product, or CCFP) is used. The TCF product is intended to provide a graphical representation of forecast convection which meets specific coverage, intensity, and echo top height criteria. TCF graphics are used by decision makers in FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), and industry, to aid in making traffic flow decisions across the NAS.

Because of the wide usage and need for convective weather products to ensure safe flights, the WET is using a survey, found at, to better understand how the aviation community as a whole is using the TCF product to inform decision making and how the graphics are being interpreted.

In particular, the survey intends to provide input and guidance on the following objectives and related questions:

Objective 1: Determine the suitability of the TCF graphics:

  • Image removed.How are the graphics interpreted?
  • Image removed.What decisions are made based on the graphics?
  • Image removed. Do the graphics have the information necessary for decision making? Do the coverage categories support decision making?

Image removed.Objective 2: Determine the usability of the TCF graphic:

  • Are the graphics easy to interpret?
  • Image removed.Are the coverage categories easy to understand?

All FPAW members who use, or have used, the TCF in support of traffic management or flight operations decision making are strongly encouraged to take the survey, once again found at sEQVirdur9dfruEQ8.


FPAW Co-Chairs
Matt Fronzak
Matthias Steiner

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