Convective Weather Product Use Survey

Good day, aviation weather users.

The FAA Aviation Weather Division (AWD) is leading an effort to assess convective weather products. A key part of that assessment will leverage user feedback. AWD intends to use that feedback as part of an effort to reduce conflicting convective weather information and exploit higher resolution convective weather information.

To gather user feedback, a Convective Weather Product Use survey has been created. The FAA Aviation Weather Demonstration and Evaluation (AWDE) Services team has been tasked to analyze the surveys and report it out as group data. No personal identifying information will be collected or reported. To ensure your anonymity, please do not supply any identifying information such as name or email address.

Specific objectives for this survey are to:

  1. Identify convective weather products used by the aviation weather community.
  2. Determine overall usability of the convective weather products.
  3. Determine overall preference of the convective weather products.
  4. Identify optimal convective weather products to support decision-making.
  5. Identify weather products that do not support the decision-making processes.

The link to the survey is here: Weather Information Modernization and Transition (WIMAT) Convective Weather Survey (

The survey is open until February 16, 2024. 

All FPAW members who use convective weather products (and we think that probably means all of you) are urged to provide input on their convective weather product use experiences via this survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Matt Fronzak and Matthias Steiner
FPAW Co-Chairs