FPAW 2021 Fall Meeting Registration

FPAW 2021 Fall Meeting Registration

Fall Meeting Registration

We are about one month away from the Fall 2021 Friends and Partners in Aviation Weather (FPAW) meeting, to be held on 4-7 October 2021. Please note that this will once again be a virtual-only meeting. Also, be advised that you will need to specifically Register on the FPAW website to receive dial-in information to attend and participate in the FPAW meeting! The registration closes on Wednesday, September 29.

The Fall 2021 FPAW meeting will be a Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) focused on all federal agencies that (1) conduct flight operations, and therefore have a need for weather guidance, and/or (2) perform weather research that ultimately supports flight operations. The goal of this TEM is to gain awareness of current and planned research efforts, identify gaps in support, uncover any redundancies in activities, inform industry and academia (both of which groups are also invited to participate) of needs and opportunities, and brainstorm plans for future collaborations.

Also, please note that the FPAW Planning meeting will take place on 20 October 2021. We encourage you to use the Submit A Topic link on the FPAW website link to identify topics that you would like to see discussed at a future FPAW meeting. Thank you!

With best wishes, Matthias Steiner and Matt Fronzak