Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting - One Week Away!

Good evening all.

One week from now, over after-dinner drinks, we'll be discussing what we heard during the first day of the Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting, which will take place in the Wings 1 Conference Room, Wings Building, on the campus of Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX, from April 30-May 2, 2024. We'll also be looking forward to the stimulating aviation weather conversations that will be occurring the next two days.

In order to participate in those discussions, as either an In-Person or Remote participant, you've gotta' register on the Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting page here. I know you know, but I never tire of reminding you that registration for the meeting is FREE!

And, if you're wondering about the agenda and who will be speaking, that same page has links to the updated full detailed meeting agenda, along with some important logistical information for In-Person attendees concerning how to get onto the Southwest campus.

Finally, and is the case with all good things, there is a registration deadline, and it's less than 48 hours from now, at 5:00 PM EDT on Thursday, 4-25-24. So, do not dally or tarry - get registered ASAP!

We hope to see you in Dallas in person or, if unable, virtually.

Matt Fronzak and Matthias Steiner
FPAW Co-Chairs