Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting Postlude

Happy Day after FPAW!

We thank all of you who made this week’s Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting one of the best, if not THE best, ever! The presentations were all great, the discussions even better. And how about yesterday’s Brainstorming session, led by Joel Siegel (or his alter ego, Joelle Ciégul)! Who knew that Joel was a Grade A, natural-born facilitator and brainstorming session leader? Hint – we did 😊.

As we did at the close of yesterday’s meeting, we’d also like to thank Mark Johnson and David Dillahunt, our gracious Southwest Airlines hosts, for their hospitality and the use of their excellent facilities. Similarly, a big, big shout out goes to Don Eick and Nathan Polderman, Randy Bass and Alfred Moosakhanian, Rex Alexander and Bryan Beck, Jessica Schultz, Joel Siegel, and Steve Darr, our session co-leads and leads. If you’ve not yet served in one of these roles, I can tell you with confidence that our hosts and session leads/co-leads put in a lot of unseen time and effort to make things go as smoothly as they did this week. Hopefully all are in full de-compress mode – they deserve it.

We are also grateful to Bryan Beck and James Ott of Turbulent Aerospace for setting up an FPAW first: a night out at the ol’ ballpark, where we saw the Washington Nationals beat the hometown Texas Rangers 1-0. Here are two key takeaways from the game:

  1. Do not leave 11 men on base and expect to win.
  2. Do order and consume more than two hotdogs on Dollar Hot Dog night to avoid post-game criticism.

And now we have a few requests:

  1. We think that Matt is in possession of almost every presentation that was used during the meeting. If you have not already sent him your presentation, or if you have an updated version that you’d like him to post on the FPAW web site, please send them to him ASAP.
  2. There seemed to be quite a few folks taking pictures during the meeting. If you are willing, please send Matt any pics you’d like him to consider for inclusion in the meeting summary, which we hope to have worked up in the next few weeks (and especially before it becomes a distant memory).

Lastly, we'd like to be the first to invite you to join us at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center (FAATC) in Atlantic City, NJ in October for the Fall 2024 FPAW Meeting! Although the dates and full agenda are still being finalized, we are exceedingly confident that it will be more than worth your time and effort to attend, especially in-person!

Matt Fronzak and Matthias Steiner
FPAW Chairs