Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting Update

Good Sunday evening to you all. Matthias and I hope this message finds you all well.

We are 9 short days from the Spring 2024 FPAW Meeting, which will take place at the headquarters of Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX from April 30 through May 2, 2024. We will have a detailed agenda posted on the FPAW web site in the next 24-48 hours, in place of the high-level one currently posted. An FPAW email blast like this will be used to let you know when it's there. Even before then, though...

1. You will absolutely want to carve out time to attend the three main sessions, which will explore gaps in aviation weather information and education from the perspectives of both legacy and vertical flight-UAS/AAM operators. Significant portions of first two of those sessions will be dedicated to hearing about aviation weather information and education issues from the folks on the pointy end of the aviation sword, including the pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers and UAS operators. It is our hope that, after synthesizing and synchronizing takes place in the third session, we'll have one or more strong positions for FPAW to develop and support.

2. The shorter sessions will also definitely be worth attending. A review of the activities of the FAA's Weather Community of Interest, to include the recent development of a Strategic Planning Team, will be delivered on the first day. A fascinating briefing on, and conversation about, NOAA's current NEXRAD replacement plans will be given on Day 2. The final short session will be an update on recent advancements in Space Weather, a topic that should interest us all given our ever-increasing reliance on advanced automation that uses potentially vulnerable portions of the RF spectrum.

3. With all that said...you have to register for the meeting in order to participate, as either an In-person or Remote attendee. And registration will officially close this coming Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT. Once that takes place, logistical and remote connectivity information will be sent to all registrants.

Bottom line: register for the meeting here, and then get ready for FPAW's next outstanding aviation weather conversation!

Matt Fronzak and Matthias Steiner
FPAW Co-Chairs