Summer Meeting 2009

NTSB Conference Center – Washington, D.C

Sponsored by National Business Aviation Association and the National Center for Atmosopheric Research

July 22, 2009

The Goal of this meeting is for the JPDO Weather Working Group (WWG) and Agencies to share with the broader aviation-weather community of interest the status of “NextGen Weather”.

The aviation-weather community of interest will have an opportunity to provide feedback to the JPDO Weather Working Group and Agencies on the overall plans and activities for transforming how the Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Weather communities work together to mitigate the impacts of weather in the NAS. 

The scope of this Vision meeting is the medium and long term R & D and implementation of ATM-Weather operational solutions. Short-term (12-36 months) operational issues and the resultant solutions are the scope of the 9 October, 2008 FPAW forum at NBAA in Orlando.

Opening Discussions 

    • Bruce Carmichael – NBAA, Weather Committee Chairman
    • Tom Haueter – Director, Aviation Safety, NTSB
    • Vicki Cox – FAA/ATO, Sr. Vice President, NextGen and Operations Planning
    • Jack Hayes – Director, National Weather Service
    • Charlie Leader – JPDO Director
    • Karlin Toner – Senior Staff Advisor NextGen, OST
    • Mark Andrews – Director, Weather Working Group, JPDO

Segment One – Why is Weather Critical to NextGen? Realignment of Weather  Acquisition Programs in ATO
Presenter: Hank Krakowski - FAA
User Panel Discussion Leader: Rocky Stone – United Airlines

Segment Two – Elephants in the Room
Presenters: Al Kaehn, Nick Stoer (pdf)
User Panel Discussion Leaders: Tom Fahey – Delta Airlines, John White - ALPA

Segment Three – Requirements and Concept of Operations
Presenters: Rick Heuwinkel – FAA, Joe Sherry – Mitre/CAASD (pdf)
User Panel Discussion Leader: Leo Prusak – FAA

Segment Four – 4D Weather Cube, SAS, and Net-Centric Operation
Presenters: Tom Ryan – FAA, Jason Tuell – NWS, (pdf) (html) Doug Wreath – DOD (pdf)
User Panel Discussion Leader: Randy Baker – UPS, Bruce Landsberg - AOPA

Segment Five – Weather Integration Efforts
Presenters: Steve Bradford – FAA, Mark Huberdeau - Mitre (pdf)
User Panel Discussion Leader: Jim Stobie – ENSCO  

Segment Six – Weather Research Plan
Presenters: Ray Moy – FAA, (pdf) (html) Darien Davis - NOAA (pdf)

Segment Seven – Weather Demonstration Coordination
Presenters: Paul Strande – FAA, Steve Abelman – NOAA (pdf)
User Panel Discussion Leader: Joe Burns – United Airlines

Segment Eight – What the JPDO WWG Heard You Say Today
Presenter: Mark Andrews – JPDO WWG


United Airlines - Rocky Stone
Delta Airlines - Tom Fahey
Air Line Pilots Association - John White
FAA/ATO – LaGuardia Tower - Leo Prusak 
UPS - Randy Baker 
AOPA - Bruce Landsberg
ENSCO - Jim Stobie 
Mitre/CAASD - Matt Fronzak
United Airlines - Joe Burns 
FAA/ATO - Danny Sims
NATCA - Dale Wright
NATCA - Matthew Tucker
Delta Airlines - Bill Watts
General Aero Company - Jack Olcott
Farragut International - Bob Francis
Jeppesen - Mike Cetinich
Lockheed Martin - Pratik Jha
Mitre/CAASD - Gene Wilhelm
Mitre/CAASD - Craig Wanke
National Weather Service - Pat Murphy
Harris Corporation - Warren Qualley
Air Methods Corporation - Eric Lugger
DTN Meteorologix - Jim Block
Vaisala - Geoff Bing
AVMET - Bill Phaneuf
AvMet (ATO Wx Support) - Ernie Dash  

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