FPAW 2017 Annual Fall Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas Convention Center

Speaker and Panelist Biographies


Day 1: October 11, 2017

FPAW History Review from Our Historian
(Warren Qualley – Southwest Airlines)

Weather from Aircraft into the System
(Steve Darr – Dynamic Aerospace Inc.)

Day 2: October 12, 2017

Cockpit Weather: Existing Capabilities vs. Future “Must Haves”
(Gary PokodnerFAA, John McCarthy – Retired)

NextGen Weather User Forum
(Alfred Moosakhanian – FAA, Ernie Dash
AvMet, John McCarthy – Retired)

TFM Convective Forecast Discussion (Kevin Johnston FAA, Kevin Stone NWS)

Area Forecast (FA) Transition to Graphical Area Forecast (GFA) (Kevin Johnston – FAA, Kevin Stone – NWS)

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TALPA and RCAM Status Update
(Joshua Paurus
MSP Airport)

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