FPAW 2015 Summer Meeting

NTSB Conference Center
429 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC

Speaker and Panelist Biographies


Day 1: August 25, 2015

Getting ATM-Weather Integration (AWI) Status, Getting AWI Off the Starting Blocks
(Matt Fronzak - MITRE CAASD)

AWI Challenges and Lessons Learned, It’s Not a Dash, It’s a 5000M Relay – with Hurdles
(Matt Fronzak - MITRE CAASD)

Future AWI Providers and Consumers, Who Are Teammates, and What’s the Handoff Technique?
(Matt Fronzak - MITRE CAASD)

Defining AWI Success, How Do We Know If We’ve Won?
(Matt Fronzak - MITRE CAASD)

Day 2: Auguest 26, 2015

Introduction of NTSB Chairman Chris Hart
(Don Eick – NTSB)

Aircraft-derived Meteorological Information: Part 1- Sensing, Communication, and Access
(Steve Darr
Dynamic Aerospace)

Recent Successes in Weather Technology Transfers
(Steve Abelman 

Overview of Space Weather Impacts on Aviation and Commercial Space Operations
Kent Tobiska – Utah Univ)

Weather Technology in the Cockpit
(Gary Pokodner 

International Coordination of Aviation Weather
(Rick Heuwinkel 

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