FPAW Annual 2009 - Orlando, FL

FPAW Annual 2009 - Orlando, FL


22 October 2009, Orlando, FL

8:00 – 8:10   Welcome to NBAA – Steve Brown and Bob Lamond 
8:10 – 8:20   Overview of Meeting - Bruce Carmichael
8:20 – 8:30   New FAA/ATO Aviation Weather Group Manager – Jaime Figueroa

8:30 – 9:35 Segment One – Near-term NextGen Demonstrations (Tom Ryan)
a. Integration of Ground and Cockpit Weather into Decision Making (Joe Burns, Bill Watts) 
b. Florida NextGen Testbed (Minh Nguyen) 
c. NextGen Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) IOC (Tom Ryan)
d. Transitioning Research to Operations (Matt Fronzak , Tom MacPhail) 

9:50 – 11:00 Segment Two – “Champions’” Status Reports (Tom Fahey) 
a. Deicing/Anti-icing/Runway Contamination (Tom Fahey , Roy Rasmussen , Jerry Ostronic)
b. Weather in the Cockpit and Research to Operations (J.J. Greenway)
c. Graphical FA and ADDS QICP (Bob Maxson , Clinton Wallace)
d. Improved Operational 0 – 3 Hour C&V Forecast (Eric Lugger)
e. Airline Data Access Issues (Jim Block , Roy Rasmussen)
f. Improved Integration of Storm Information into ATM Decisions(Tom Fahey) 

11:00 – 12:10 Segment Three – Flight Operation Weather Impacts (Rocky Stone) 
a. C&V and Icing Hazards to G/A and Helicopter Operations (Eric Lugger , Paul Herzegh,  J.J. Greenway)
b. C&V Efficiency and Delay Issues for Air Carriers (Chris Nutter)
c. CWSU Status (Kevin Johnston) 
d. Airline Data Access Issues (Rocky Stone , Dave Pace 

12:55 – 2:30 Segment Four–Storm Forecasting for Air Traffic (Matt Fronzak) 
a. Integration with Air Traffic Management Decision Tools (Dave Pace) , John Huhn  ,Craig Wanke) 
b. Merging Automation and Human-Over-The-Loop Forecast Efforts (Cyndie Abelman , Tom Fahey), Matthias Steiner, Stan Benjamin) 

2:45 – 4:20  Segment Five – Cockpit Communication of Weather Information (Bob Maxson)
a. Automated Weather Reporting and Data Basing (Tammy Farrar, Larry Cornman , Rick Curtis) 
b. Weather Data Delivery and Display in the Cockpit (Ernie Dash, Paul Devlin , Sue Spincic , Kevin Mattison) 

4:20 – 4:55 Segment Six – Flight Operations Support Issues (Joseph Miceli)
a. Management by Exception Concepts for Dispatcher Tools (Joseph Miceli) 
b. Controllers Most Wanted List for Aviation Weather (Matt Tucker) 




United Airlines - Joe Burns 
Delta Airlines - Bill Watts 
Mitre/CAASD - Matt Fronzak
Delta Airlines - Tom Fahey
AOPA - J.J. Greenway 
Telvent DTN - Jim Block
Air Methods Corporation - Eric Lugger
United Airlines - Rocky Stone
Alaska Airlines - Chris Nutter 
Mitre/CAASD - John Huhn 
Mitre/CAASD - Craig Wanke 
Southwest Airlines - Rick Curtis 
AVMET - Ernie Dash
ADF - Joseph Miceli 
NATCA - Matt Tucker 
American Airlines - Des Keany 
Mitre/CAASD - Joe Sherry 
Mitre - Win Heagy
Mitre - Gene Wilhelm
ENSCO - Jim Stobie
Jeppesen - Mike Cetinich 
ARINC - Al Homans
Harris Corporation - Warren Qualley
Weathernews - Ryoichi Unten
Weathernews - Jeff Torgerson
Lufthansa Systems - Hans-Rudi Sonnabend
Qantas - Graham Rennie
WSI - Roy Strasser
Vaisala - Geoff Bing
Aviation Weather Associates, Inc. - John McCarthy


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